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    Hi guys, I 'm about to start making YouTube videos and there's a certain look that I wish to achieve..
    My camera captures video with 16:9 ratio - what I want to do is to change it to 4:3 and mount it onto the background (16:9) picture (like in the pic I attached)
    And also I would like to add some vertical frames (ideally red like in the pic) to conrast the video from the background picture

    How can I do this, what software should I use?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you

    p.s here's the link to this YouTube video
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    That's really fairly trivial to do but requires a few video layers.

    1) Place your main video on track 1 - you won't need to crop it because your borders will mask it
    2) Place your left border (pre-cropped) on track 2
    3) Place your right border (pre-cropped) on track 3 (NOTE: if you create your borders in Photoshop then export as a single layer [PNG or PSD - NOT JPEG] with a centre transparency for your video to show through so you'll only need one layer)
    4) Place some solid lines on track 4 (or 4 & 5) to cover the join asper your example
    5) If you then need to put a picture in picture (PIP) top left then add that to track 5 (or 6 if you put lines on 5) and put a stroke board around it.

    If your software doesn't allow for strokes then create solid that's a few pixels larger than your PIP and put your PIP on top of it, so the solid now only looks like a border.

    What software can you do this in? Depends on your OS. Windows Movie Maker and Apple iMovie are out, so you're on to the likes of Adobe, Vegas, Edius, FCPX etc.

    You could also do all of this in After Effects and Motion. You can probably do it all in Lightworks too, though I have no experience with that.

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    Capture.jpg Thank you for you reply, David!

    I have almost done it in Adobe Premiere Pro, however I still have 1 thing that gets in my way

    I've put two pre-cropped still images on track 2 and 3, however they appear in the centre of the video, but I need to move them to both edges, how do I do this

    THank you very much for you help!!

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    Select the clip in the sequence then in the Effect Controls panel expand 'Motion' then change the Position for each one.

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    Did that fix it for you ?

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