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    Default Looking for a camera man

    I've got the ear of a major television channel commissioner with regards to a new comedy sketch show idea called, 'The United Colours of Comedy'.

    They're really interested in my idea but want me too film a taster to get a better understanding.

    I have put together three sketches which can easily be filmed in one location. At present I don't have a budget but would really hate to pass up on this great opportunity because of a lack money!

    If you can spare one day of filming, let's bump heads and bring to life a great tv show!!!

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    So how confident are you? Confident enough to take out an overdraft, or use your credit card and pay for a professional?

    Thought not. So, if you're not willing to take a risk with your money, why should a professional take a risk with his time?

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    Well the reality is I always either film content or put on theatre shows for which I ALWAYS pay everyone involve.

    It just so happens that I have been speaking to a tv commissioner who has expressed a real interest but wants to see a pilot. Although this is good news I have also just lost my job so there for I couldn't pay on this one occasion but I was a bit worried that the opportunity could be lost.

    I have explored every financial possibility but unfortunately I can't raise the funds.

    As a stand up comic I totally understand and respect that professionals need to get paid. But as I can't on this one occasion I limited the sketches to just three and they will be shot in one location.

    I once performed for free and this lead to me starting in a bbc 3 show so sometimes there are genuine people out there who are not taking the piss it's just circumstances leads them to ask for help.

    But I don't expect you to understand!!

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    the one critical thing you don't mention is where you want to film!

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    And what is your idea?

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