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    I'm going to make a video, and I was wondering if anybody knows how to make the text appear in the video, like this:

    Following the motion and movement of elements in the video. In this case going up and down with the bar.
    I have access to most editing software, hope you can help me

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    It could be done manually via key frames or automatically by motion tracking.

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    You would mostly do this with motion tracking software. After Effects would be typical, but it can also be done in software like FCPX using TrackX (with Mocha tracking) or as XXLRay says, you could manually keyframe it.

    The easiest way to do it would be to start with the bar at the lowest point (most visible) and then keyframe forwards and backwards as it goes off screen.

    The problem with this example is that the bar is moving sideways in a random fashion, not just up and down, so using tracking software would make it much easier than manually keyframing.

    After Effects has both tracking points and also later versions include the Mocha tracker which is awesome.

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    HitFilm is another compositing option that will do this. It's a bit confusing as tehre are the plug-ins and the standalone. But you can have a free trial
    Boris Coninuum is another...

    I only mention this as no-one ever seems to consider anything other than After Effects for compositing (with good reason - it's very good, and pretty much to compositing what Photoshop is to photo editing.)

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    You can also do it in Apple's Motion, but most people around here seem to be on Windows.

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    Motion tracking can also be done in blender.

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