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    This is a video of a charity cycle event I organised for a little girl who needs stem cell therapy. There are a few issues with it but I think it works ok, especially when you consider I didn't have my camera operator with me and you only get one shot at it ( I tried asking them to do it again but after you have been cycling for 6 hours your not very open to those kind of suggestions ) I also had to edit it as quickly as possible so they could promote their achievement. Anyway have a look see what you think and if you think its worthwhile you could always help us by sharing it (cheeky plug)

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    You could have probably pimped the colors a bit. Looks like a lot of bad/British weather
    Some close-ups of wheels and gears would maybe have limbered it up a bit. Nevertheless you took some nice (aerial) shots.
    Overall it's a bit too long for my taste and the message could be clearer. The way you edited the video it could have been from a random cycle tour.

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    Yes it's far from the' grand vision' I had in mind. It was literally grab the camera and get what shots I could and then when I got back I wanted to get it out as quick as possible whilst everyone was still buzzing about it, which is not the way I like to do it. I learnt very quickly when creating bits of video that I work best when I can edit a bit, leave it and then come back to it a day or so later

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    Well done for getting that together and well done to all who took part as riders, support or sponsors.
    Not a glitsy, fantastic video, but a cut or two above a simple "record". Contrary to XXL I thought there was a good mix of shots - some aerial, some mid, some personality, some bits of bikes. I agree that the message only comes across at the end and it could be some random cycle tour, but the again, for most of us is IS only a random cycle tour, irrespective of the cause.
    What I might have like dto have seen was a few captions with the towns/countries. Assuming this was edited broadly sequentially, just a simple "Tuesday - Belgium" on the early shots of each day would help emphasize the "mission". I'd seen the title, yet even then I forgot and found myself wondering "Where in the UK is that? Oh it's not the UK they're on the wrong side ...." (no comments about old age, please)
    One thing that I did find of-putting was the jerkiness. I think this was primarily on slow pans - as if you had image stabilisation switched on and the camera was fighting to keep everything in frame. Am I right?

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    would have liked a few words from the riders !?

    loving the copter cam footage !
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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    Thanks for your input guys, I will put some of that in to practice when I edit the full video. Its never going to be a master piece because I just didn't have time to get the shots I wanted or the head space to think about it. I organised this event so it was my responsibility to make sure it ran smoothly and there is a surprising amount to do, I was up every day at 5.30am and didn't stop until my head hit the pillow! we are hoping to do it again next year but this time someone else is organising it so I can concentrate on filming and social media stuff.

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    Nothing hinders you from taking some close up footage of bike stuff after the event, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXLRay View Post
    Nothing hinders you from taking some close up footage of bike stuff after the event, right?

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