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Thread: anyone need music for there videos?

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    Default anyone need music for there videos?

    Hi, im a university student studying entertainment technology, i make music for films, games etc. If anyone wants music for there films i will be willing to compose original high quality music (recorded in a studio) for free as i need to build up my experience.

    If anyone is interested let me know and maybe we can sort something out. thnx alot goodluck with all your film making!

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    I have a film in post-production which will need a soundtrack sometime in the next month or so and if you could do it that would be great . It is a spoof of James Bond called Licence to Smell. If you want to see the trailer, click here:

    Please e-mail me ( if you are interested, but please don't feel any pressure at all. It is only a small production and so it doesn't have a strict deadline, so I can fit it in with any setbacks that might occur.

    Thanks for reading

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    Default interesting

    This is interestingm - I do alot of corporate video work and am always looking for royalty free library music. If you have any samples please email me some mp3's

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    Default Soundtracking

    Hi Sunbea

    I make underwater videos for scuba divers which require ambient music with lots of "whoosh" sounds for the transitions and underwatery type sounds too.
    I've been thinking about contacting universities to find someone with creative music/computer skills as I cannot keep on using copyrighted music! I've not got a website yet but will do can get the gist of the business thru' the community photos site listed in my profile.. I can send you some finished movies on DVD if you fancy soundtracking them in an "Air" "Zero 7" "morcheeba" style.
    I sell more than 300 movies a year so you'd certainly get good advertising on my credits (and website when I finish it).

    contact me at
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