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Thread: Rookie having fun editing videos thirsty for some wisdom

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    Talking Rookie having fun editing videos thirsty for some wisdom

    A couple of weeks a go I decided to stop to looking for excuses about not having time and the right equipment and decided to try to do some videos of my self riding my mountain bike... after some short attempts I had this idea about this sequence in a place a really like to ride, so I spent few hours there with my Nokia Lumia 920 and after countless hours messing with Windows Movie Maker I finally had some thing that I really liked... Now I'm very curious to hear what people that know how to do it have to say about my video.
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    Maybe add some close-ups and first person view shots.

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    10 secs of title felt too long.
    There are strange looking wobbles e.g. 0:18 and 0:21 - almost like a tiny (and fast) bit of zooming. Is that the result of a camera set to autofocus?
    At 0:26 there is a minor wobble as the bike comes close the camera. It looks like the camera is shaking, but I am not sure why it should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXLRay View Post
    Maybe add some close-ups and first person view shots.
    Thanks for the tips! I donīt think I can do close-ups with Movie Maker. Could you suggest me a good app for a rookie like myself? And about first person view shots, I haven't tried to use my mobile on a bike mount because just don't believe it can make good action shots... but I'll try.
    Thanks a lot!

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    By close-up I mean to record e.g. only a part of the tire, It's not a matter of the editing program. You just put the camera closer to the action

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    I think it looks really cool, but I do think that the initial 10 seconds are going to cost you viewers. Especially if you consider that you do not have a great deal of footage beyond that, most people are going to wonder when the ‘show’ is going to start when watching this.

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