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    I've used my fair share of camcorders over the years. And being a typical male, I've had little use of a manual. So you can imagine my surprise at being completely baffled by a Panasonic camcorder aimed at the beginner. After falling in love with the beauty of the iphone slow mo, I've been looking for a cheap entry into 120fps shooting at 1080p. And my search ended with the panasonic hc-v750, which I planned to put to good use at the upcoming goodwood festival of speed. I would normally launch head first into an amazon purchase, but on this occasion took a trip to currys. I'm glad I did.

    The menu system of the camcorder was baffling and after 5 minutes of searching, I found the setting for slow mo, but it kept telling it wasn't available. Even the 16 year old sales assistant couldnt help. On top of this, I'm happy with full manual controls, but the manual controls on the panasonic again just confused. So after being underwhelmed, I've decided to stick with iphone for slow mo for now. Shame I have to compromise at 720p.

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    It could be that the card speed wasn't fast enough and the setting gets auto disabled?

    When ever I'm looking at new gear I always download the user manual first and check it out to make sure there are no surprises!

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    Perhaps, but it if that's the case it would be sensible to have an appropriate warning message. To be honest, the whole experience of trawling through menu after menu put me off the whole thing.


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