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Thread: What if my computer does not meet the GPU memory requirements of 11?

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    Default What if my computer does not meet the GPU memory requirements of 11?

    Hi, new user here. My computer does not meet one of the system requirements for Vegas 11, but every other spec meets or exceeds those requirements. I've been looking around for information, and I'm 90% sure it will work anyway. But I'd like a definitive answer before I partition my hard drive to install Windows 7.

    It's a 13-inch Macbook Pro from mid 2009. The processor is a Core 2 Duo, clocked at 2.26 GHz. It has 8 gigs of RAM. The boot disk is a third-party SSD. But the GPU is an aging NVIDIA GeForce 9400M with a mere 256 megs of video RAM. The system requirements call for 512. But I also found out that the GPU wasn't needed at all in versions prior to 10. And this page seems to suggest that GPU acceleration is optional even in 11.

    So will it work at all on my machine? And if so, how well does 11 function without GPU acceleration?

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    You can easily turn off GPU in V11. In fact many people preferred V11 without it.

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