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    So this is one my first "corporate" type videos. I'm looking to get some feedback on my work. I was the editor, I also did the music/sound mix and the graphics. A lot of the footage is stock, but we shot the kids as well as some of the family scenes and the office footage. I was b cam on the family stuff and kids.

    Let me know what you think! I'm hoping to start getting some more of these kinds of jobs as I go into University.

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    I think you did a good job. The first minute tells people what the video is about. It could be probably slightly cut down. Anyone interested gets detailed information in the following. I didn't notice you used stock footage. Everything fit very well in my eyes. The only thing I did not like so much was the re-used footage in the end. I probably would have shown only faces of the children you interviewed.

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    I think it's produced but it's not one piece. To me it's a number of 1 min pieces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXLRay View Post
    The first minute tells people what the video is about.
    However ... It was 40 seconds into that minute before you told us what it was about. Much too long in my opinion. I'd lost interest by then, even having read XXLRay's comment above.

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    I think you did a good job. Don't worry about the stock stuff as long as it aids the story.

    While many films like this can be cut down, sometimes the fund raising staff need a single video that covers everything.

    I'm just finishing up one now for a charity that I feel could be cut down quite a bit, but it's just over 7 minutes long and that's exactly what this charity wants as they present to potential corporate sponsors for the work they do. We don't always have all the right answers, sometimes we need to go with what the customer wants, because believe it or not, sometimes they actually know best!

    If you're not sure how it will be used, consider a couple of different edits, one for the web (shorter with quicker explanation of what's happening) and one longer one for staff to present to captured audiences. If you know exactly what the customer wants, just go with it.

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    I think if you are looking for corporate sponsors it is bang on - this will run during a dinner party and people will write their cheques at the end of the night - it doesn't have to be the 30-second grab-and-go that characterizes pleas to individuals

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    great vid. I agree with some of the others above, the intro is a bit long and could probably be reduced by 20-30 seconds so the VO starts around the 20-30 second mark.

    The audio/music tracks sound good and the overall pace of the piece seemed really good. The b-roll that you choose fit with the overall style of the other footage, so it didn't distract me at all. I think the piece works overall as a long form explanation, but the assets might be used as individual videos (maybe for particular website pages or something like that).
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