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Thread: How can I save a clip from a website to my computer?

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    Default How can I save a clip from a website to my computer?

    I'm trying to compse a surfing movie, and I found a website with a million surf clips I could use. The thing is it opens in windows media player in a new page. How do I save the videos to my harddrive?

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    Sounds too simple but have you tried right clicking the link and choosing 'save as' ????

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    Yea the problem is it doesnt save it, it just opens it in a new window so right clicking only can do "save picture as"

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    Default stealing webby vidies he he

    Right this should be simple depending on how secure the site is. I've done this hundreds of times.

    # When you click the link and the new window opens "right click" on the video.
    # Hit "properties"
    # at the bottom it should have a location which is a URL for the file, select & copy that location to the clip board.
    # Paste that into the address bar of the web browser.
    # It should start up Windows Media Player.
    # Let it play through to the end then in Windows Media PLayer - if its not a super secure site- you should be able to go to File - Save as.....

    That's always worked for me.

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