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    Hi guys, this isn't really a brag, but it is me sharing some of my video productions is a website where you can download and put HD stock videos into your own productions at no cost. It's all free, and it's all HD. I've been filming a LOT over the last few years to broaden the library, and this is where we are at so far.

    I'd love to get some feedback on the site if any of you use it, we're always looking at ways to improve. I hope some of our stock video can help you improve the quality of your own productions!

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    Thanks Harry - that's a fantastic resource.
    What is your long term plan - you can't just keep posting clips for people to use for free?

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    Hi Tim, well our long term plan is to cultivate a community who will share videos they have produced themselves. So ideally the content will eventually come from the users, with not as much pressure on us to supply it. There are loads of people about who agree that sharing is caring, so I'm sure once the community gets off the ground things will get interesting

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