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Thread: 3D video problems on PC.

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    Default 3D video problems on PC.

    Hi all,
    I've got a Sony HDR TD30VE camera that can create 3D movies, which I have been experimenting with. I am using a custom built PC, which has a Gigabyte GeForce GTX670 3D capable card and a Asus VG248QE Monitor, which is Nvidia 3D Vision capable. I have been able to play games in 3D so I know it works. However I've not been able to view any of my videos from my camera in 3D. Both Sony or Nvidia support have been useless and so far I've had no success. Can anyone give me any idea why I can't view my movies in 3D?
    The problem is I've no idea where my issue lies etc.
    I've been unable to find a specification of what video format/codecs etc. can be played in 3D by my graphics card or exactly what specification the 3D movies from the camera are. As if there was a compatibly problem due to the film spec/codec then I was hoping I could convert between formats? As I've got Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12, which I believe can edit 3D movies. I've been trying Sony Play Memories software, VLC, Movie Studio Platinum, Windows Media Player to try and view my videos, but all I get is 2D video out of any of them.
    Any help/suggestions please?
    Many thanks

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    Wikipedia describes Nvida's system : "3D Vision is a stereoscopic gaming kit from Nvidia which consists of LC shutter glasses and driver software which enables stereoscopic vision for any Direct3D game, with various degrees of compatibility."
    I do not have a solution. But assume it requires software to convert between a 3d (presumably as 2 separate left/right tracks) into a Direct3d format. Perhaps there are apps which offer video editing within a Direct3d environment.
    Other than games, have you seen another other videos (e.g. films) using the glasses?

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