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Thread: good sources of reading for a beginner

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    Default good sources of reading for a beginner

    i have made a couple of 12min films and have a lot of success with them within an education environment.

    i now want to develop my digital film making skills to the max.

    i have recently used adobe premier.

    what digital film making mag is renowned as one of the best if not the best?

    what are the good websites other than this one with film making info on?

    does anyone know of any worth while, online or distance learning courses related to film making?

    are there any good books i should read?

    thanks in advance, i know it is a big question but any pointers would be appreciated

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    For movie making you should make sure you read "Grammar of the film Language" by Daniel Arijon.

    Details at (short link to

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    cheers for that-will do

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