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    Default Real Motion Blur

    Hello! I would like to add the following motion blur effect to one of my video:

    As you see in this example video, the moving parts/pixels get blurred, while the rest stays sharp - like a real motion blur. This especially creates a smooth playback of sped up videos. I tried to add such a motion blur affect with the free AVS video editor, but it just blurs the whole picture instead of just the moving parts/pixels:

    Do you know which video editor is capable of creating such a real motion blur effect? Maby I'm just searching for the wrong keyword, and this effect is actually called differently?

    Thank for your answers! =)
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    I'm not familiar with the editor you are using, so don't know what's possible and what's not. I usually add things like motion blur in After Effects or Motion.

    However, all is not lost, provided you can add multiple layers and crop.

    1) Duplicate your video on to a second track and crop it so that the panel on the right it not included in the top layer.

    2) Blur the section that remains (leaving your original layer untouched), using a directional blur (not gaussian etc), it needs to be directional and in the same direction as the movement. This is the easiest way, but totally not realistic. So you need to do more.

    3) Duplicate the second (cropped) version again and step it back a frame so you have at least two frames with different directional blur stages

    4) Blend them together using either opacity or some other screen blending modes

    5) You'll need to leave the second duplicated layer at 0% opacity on the first frame or it will look as if the characters are going backwards (due to the offset frame) then increase opacity as movement gets faster.

    6) The more real impression of movement you want the more layers you can add, each offset in time.

    Honestly, if you had to do this a lot it would be a major PITA, hence using a real program (like After Effects or Motion) to do it when ever possible.

    You may find some plug-ins that can do it for you but since I'm not familiar with your editor I can't offer any advice there.
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    Thanks for posting such a detailed tutorial!

    It sounds like too much work to do it in the AVS video editor, and I plan to use this effect more often in the future. Since there are many other youtubers using this motion blur effect in their gaming videos, it means that there must be a certain video editor that has this motion blur effect integrated.

    I'll just try to pm one of those youtubers asking for the specific name of the effect and what software they are using.

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