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Thread: Slowing 59.94 to 25fps

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    Default Slowing 59.94 to 25fps

    Hey guys,

    This should be simple and doable, but how do I slow down 59.94fps footage down to 25fps footage within a 25fps sequence without any frame blending, etc? The 'change speed' dialogue is too inaccurate as the factor I'm slowing by should be 41.7083%, I'm guessing?

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    What version of Premiere are you using? Recent versions of Premiere will handle the conversion process for you - simply drop the video onto the timeline and Premiere will do the rest. If your footage is sped up on the timeline, import to timeline with the same sequence settings as your source, then output to a 25fps file.

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    Find the clip in the project then right click on it, choose modify --> interpret footage.

    Within the dialog that comes up change the setting to "Assume this frame rate" and enter the frame rate you want.

    For some reason the file uploader for images isn't working so I can't upload the screen grabs. :(
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