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Thread: Sony Vegas 12 Render Blur

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    Default Sony Vegas 12 Render Blur

    Hello, I'm having some issues rendering a video. In the preview during editing, it looks perfectly fine, but when I try to render it, in an MP4, it looks kind of strange. With the motion, it kind of looks like each frame is two frames on top of each other with 50% opacity each, if that makes sense. For example:
    In this frame of a ball falling, instead of looking completely solid, it's just two semi-transparent balls. This doesn't happening during the preview though, and the project settings appear to be the same as the rendering ones.

    How could I fix this? Thanks a bunch!

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    Did you change the original from interlaced to progressive or the frame rate ? Can you be more specificon what your original material, project & render settings are.

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    Here are the project settings and render settings. Everything looks the same


    Both have progressive scan for field order with the same frame rate screen size. And the pixel aspect ratio is the same. There are setting in the render window for bit rate and things like that that are not in the project settings. I have Profile set to Main, Number of reference frames set to 2, variable bit rate checked with a max of 24,000,000 and an average of 12,000,000, with Number of slices set to 4 and Encode mode set to CPU only.
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    As far as I can see from the settings there isn't anything wrong with them. This could just be a case of "fast moving object issues". Shooting at a faster frame rate may help with this.

    What does it look like on the video not just a still ?

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    I think I figured it out. In one of settings I had the quality set to Good or Best or something like that. But when I was previewing it in the editor, the quality was set to Preview. I changed the render quality to Preview and then it looked just fine. Funny how lowering the quality makes it look nicer. Anyway, thanks for your help!

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    There is a motion blur option in the view menu , I think.

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