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    I produce alternative electronic music (ranging from clubby to ambient), and I'm looking for someone who makes visuals to collaborate with. I hope I'm in the right place.

    If you're able to do something like this:

    Or even better something close to this: (okay, maybe that's expecting a little too much)

    ...I'd LOVE to work with you.

    Instead of posting any demos of my unreleased music, get in touch if there is a chance you might be interested and we'll discuss ideas/exchange samples!

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    Wow that's quite a spectrum

    the first sample is awful - the music is oppressive - the visuals are simplistic - MB and I have filmed better videos wearing rubber suits in his back yard (we did a nice re-enactment of "District 9")

    the second video is excellent - great track that matches the visuals - amazing animation - I could see this being projected in the better night clubs over the dance floor

    so who is the audience for your videos?

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    Haha, the video is meant to be like that (I'm sure you already know this, but...). I think it's sort of cool, but the second video is more similar to what I'm looking for.

    As of right now, it's the internet. I have a few projects that I'm working on. My main project rignt now is a more clubby/bassy one which is sort of hard to describe, but I guess it's a good mix of jungle, bass music, rnb, ambient vibes and warped vocal samples. If you're interested I'll send you some samples of unreleased stuff. I'm also working on some instrumental ambient compositions.

    I've been playing with the idea of having a website where I have visuals/animated artwork for every track that is released. In the near future, visuals for live shows would also be a thing. So yeah, basically that's my audience at this point.

    If this sounds a bit interesting:

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