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Thread: Slide/push transition DOESN'T WORK!

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    Question Slide/push transition DOESN'T WORK!

    Hello there guys,
    This is my first post on the forum, so first of all, hi there everybody.
    Iv'e been following a guide on youtube, for Slide/push transition effect on sony vegas, and I have encountered a problem, which is mentioned in the comments there with no reason.
    I am using Sony Vegas Pro 12.
    The problem looks like this:

    I get black bars whenever I am trying to put the second video on top of the first one.
    I have to say those clips are already splitted, and the transition was inserted in both of them, as it should in the tutorial.
    By the way, I think in the tutorial the 2 clips he uses are splitted too, if I am not wrong, which means it's probably not the problem.

    And this is the link to the guide (jump to 3:18 minutes, if it doesn't jump automatically):

    Thank you guys, help will be appriciated,

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    It looks to me like you've split the TRACK into A-roll B-roll (Numeric keypad "5" toggles this on/off) whereas the unbelievably difficult to follow tutorial has the two events on separate tracks.

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    What you have done is pushed the top clip to far over the bottom clip, leaving no leading edge on the top clip to have a transition on it.
    (The top clip is only 15 frames long )
    If you slide the top clip to the right you will have a transition or pull the clip out a bit

    Right Click on the track header and then "Expand Track Layers"



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