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Thread: Trailer for my film

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    Default Trailer for my film

    The Urban Warrior

    I'm on leave from work,,,so i get bored quick,,,need something to keep my busy

    Your thoughts on this are going tobe helpful.....


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    Not bad intro effects was pretty cool.

    Now for actual opinion and only opinion.

    I dont care for the celica, what would look alot better some driving showing off the car atleast.

    The music is not my thing, but seems to suit the title of the film.

    If this is a gangsta movie then that really wouldnt be my genre, and my opinion would be nulled.

    Best luck to you on the film.

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    trailer was pretty ok....somehow wasnt all that exciting with just the stills.
    think the same clip of the car was user too often.
    also didnt quite like the font/style of writing of the titles...

    sorry but just being honest there -
    \"Sorry Im new to the addiction of BROADBAND\"

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