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Thread: What is most common VFX Software to be used?

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    Default What is most common VFX Software to be used?

    I am using Adobe After Effects for my VFX Creating, but wondered what else is there that matches or is better than the Adobe CS6 Suite?


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    A list of other popular applications can be found easily from a simple Google search. But considering which is "better" largely depend on the User's requirements, the software costs, and the required learning curve.
    I suspect many people use more than one application. For example, they might use the output from a 3d modelling app instead of creating '3d' type object in After Effects; and to use it to incorporate with video in Premiere. It is clear that no single app can do everything; which is why most of them can also be enhanced with 3rd party plugins.

    I don't think you have asked the right question If you already use CS6; then what is it that you think it cannot do? Why do you think there may be something better?

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    Ok thanks, i think i did word the question wrong, i know what after effects can do with the combination of Adobe Premiere, but wondered if there was any larger scale software that large production houses use?

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    There are lots of other software apps, including Cinema 4D and Autodesk Smoke. The question is what do you want to do and how much are you willing to spend?

    After Effects and Apple's Motion are a very good compromise of cost and capability. If you really want to go further than these can do then you're in to big bucks.

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