Hi everyone,

I shot only 15 minutes of AVCHD footage in three clips (1080 60p), then used ClipWrap to convert to ProRes 422 HQ, which made the files HUGE! One of the 7 minute files was 31 GB, with the total being 72GB! Though Premiere Pro accepted the footage in the timeline and I am able to edit the large file, applying effects to these files takes FOREVER, even segments of them when cut up.

I am wondering if someone can tell me how to take my original AVCHD files and convert them to a format that is small in file size and EASIEST to work with in Premiere Pro with effects. The destination is merely Youtube, with 720 quality acceptable. I would like a format that doesn't take too much time to apply effects to (have a pretty good MBP 2.4 i7 with 8GB ram and an SSD internal and thunderbolt external- where my footage and project files are).

I have Clipwrap and MPEG Streamclip at my disposal, though Streamclip has a lot of options I don't understand. Still new to the art form, so the simpler the better answer wise.

Much thanks for you help.