I just shot a short movie on a 4K Black Magic Cinema camera and now it's time to edit. It's all shot in Apple prores and I'll be editing on a MacBook Pro retina 2.4 GHz i7 with 8 GB of ram.
I've been editing with Final Cut Pro but I'm tired of all the rendering all the time.

How does Adobe Premiere handle things compared to FCP. I've heard you can edit and view everything without rendering in Premiere and then you just need to render when you export at the end. Is that true.

'Cause I shot a big part of the movie with the camera upside down because of a little problem with the steadycam kit I was using. And now if I put things on the timeline in FCP and turn it 180 then I have to render the clip before I can view it. And rendering 4K takes a lot of time. I had no idea I would have to render for that and it would take so much time.

So should I get Premiere or stick with FCP.
Is there any way around the problem with the clips being upside down? Do I really need to render every clip that's like that?