Hi, I am Rakicko and I am expert in video editing, i worked for few TV stations but I quit that because I found how I can earn more money in less time on internet.

I wanna share with you tips how I done it and how you can start making money online for FREE. In this webinar I will explain how you should edit your videos, mistakes that other editors do, but mostly how you can earn money with videos online. That is my goal for this webinar, to show you best ways you can earn money online with videos.

For editing part, you can use software you like, rules are the same. Dont worry about that.

What you will get from this webinar?

You will know how you should edit videos
Rules that you should follow
How your business can grow with videos and youtube
How you can earn money with your editing skills
You will learn how to dominate youtube
Use videos to get more sales

When I finish my webinar, you can write me what is your business about and I will tell you why and what kind of videos you should make.


Register here, webinar is on FRIDAY 2.5 at 14h UTC/GMT +1 hour.

Register here:


Because it is my first webinar, just 250, so hurry up.

I am new on this forum, but I hope i dont break any rule.

If you have any question, ask.