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Thread: Roli Rivelino documentary interviews & grading reel

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    Default Roli Rivelino documentary interviews & grading reel

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    I find the difference between shadow and light in the first footage too harsh and didn't like the grainy zoom at 00:35 and 00:55. Lighting could be better in 00:50 as the key light (window) rather emphases the neck more than the face.
    For the before and after examples I would have preferred a "Star Wars" wiping cut that fades over from left to right. At 1:55 I liked the before footage better than the after footage.
    The window shot at 2:05 was a nice one.
    Maybe I am totally wrong as I am not much experienced but I don't think that this is a strong reel.

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    Who is the reel aimed at ?

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