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Thread: Black Bars in 4:3 filling

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    Default Black Bars in 4:3 filling

    Here the video:

    I want to fill the black bars to the sides and the tiny bit under the video to achieve full 4:3 Aspect ratio.

    How can i do this?

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    It should look like this.

    zoom in and press F11

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    A 4:3 aspect ratio is square and the standard ratio on youtube and everywhere else is 16:9 so the only way you're going to fill those sides is when you're editing you convert the footage to a 16:9 aspect, this will of course stretch the image somewhat, but it's your only option.

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    It already looks like your example to me. You should really record your footage in a correct 4:3 aspect ratio this will make everything easier for you, if you have that option when recording. If not stretch it as Dariv suggested or crop it to the correct size.

    These are your only options.

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