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Thread: Sony Vegas preview video lags badly?!?

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    Unhappy Sony Vegas preview video lags badly?!?

    I've tried this on both Sony Vegas 12 and 13 and it doesn't make a difference. I used Bandicam to record using x264 and it made an .avi video file. After following the instructions located at for the H.264 and PCM codec section, I went ahead and was able to open my .avi files in Sony Vegas. However, the preview video is horribly laggy and if I let it play for enough seconds the audio just quits on me too.
    Things I've tried:
    1. Changing the preview quality (even to draft on lowest settings) - did nothing but make the preview look worse WITH lag
    2. changed project settings to a lower resolution - did nothing
    3. tried with GPU acceleration on and off - made no difference
    4. highered and lowered dynamic RAM preview max up to even 3GB and as low as default (200MB) - did nothing
    5. changed external video capture application (which i'm sure has nothing to do with playback) did nothing
    6. changed Preview device - did nothing
    7. tried selecting a region and hitting Shift+B for better playback but this won't work for me. It only does it for a split second then quits. Either way I shouldn't have to select small portions to have decent playback.

    The biggest factor here is that this is all taking place on a MUCH BETTER computer than my last one. And the last one handles playback JUST FINE! No lag or anything of the sorts. I have no idea why this would happen on a better build with overall better quality parts! Please help! When I look under Task Manager my CPU usage is only at 6% while all this lagging goes on too, so it's definitely not anything with my CPU. I have 8GB of RAM, so I know that can't be struggling since on my last computer I had 4GB and it was fine. It's also a 7200RPM hard drive.

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    How full is the hard drive. One you get over 75% it's lost a lot of it's efficiency. Can you make viewable proxy files by using the selectivly pre render option in the tools menu ?

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