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    *This is not a video post.
    Just wanted to find out if it was alright to put up a video on this forum that contains clips from possibly copy-righted youtube videos ? I don't have access to raw footage so all my practice and mucking about is with youtube videos. I'd love to get a critique on what I've done though.

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    We are not really looking for this type of worked posted in the forum. See rule 3. below.

    Thank you for clarifying before posting.

    This is your opportunity to showcase your work. Please respect the forum guidelines and follow these simple rules:

    1) Only post one video per thread. Posts with more than one video will be edited to display the first posted video only.

    2) The original post in any thread must contain a link to a video. Any links to other pages such as YouTube channels will be removed.

    3) The user video section is for original content only. Please do not post fan videos, trailers and game movies.

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