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Thread: "Unification" of audio tracks

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    Default "Unification" of audio tracks

    Hello there,

    i would like to start saying that i am a complete beginner at audio editing and that i do have absolutely no idea what Audacity, and other programms for that matter, are capable of.

    I've been given a task where i have like 100 tracks where a guy speaks about something, explaining how something works, it doesn't matter. But in each track, he speaks with different volume (loudness). Sometimes in a single track, the volume changes, he has a stronger voice, or maybe a little weaker after 10 seconds. What i want to do, is to unify all the tracks with one single level of voice. Yes i can do it by ear, leveling it, listening to it thousand of times untill it sounds similair. But i wanna know if there is a function that would do it for me.

    Please if my post isn't understandable or something is unclear, ask. I really need some advice.

    Thank you.

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    One of the first tools I'd look at is a compressor. This can seem a little unintuitive if you've never used one before, but have a play around and see what you get.

    The idea of a compressor is that it will make the quiet passages louder and the loud passages softer (i.e. compressing them) to give you a more even level and this generally then allows you to increase the overall volume if needed because you aren't going to push the loudest parts over the edge (because they've been compressed!).

    Alternatively, if you have access to tools like Adobe Audition then there are tools specifically designed for matching volume and tone between clips.

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    Compression and normalization doesn't really do it as I want to, but i tried Adobe Audition as you recommended and it's perfect, I guess I'll stick with it for now.

    Thanks a lot

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