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Thread: Ski touring video.

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    Default Ski touring video.

    My first video here. I am learning and I want to learn more. My last video:

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    A nice first video here!!, i like watching people ski, and the music was nice fitted, quite wacky which is good!!, well done

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    Seems to have been a nice trip. Some footage of the landscape was a bit shaky especially in the end. I would have liked to see some first person view footage and maybe some close ups of laughing faces at the breaks. The music was a bit too 80s techy for my taste and I guess you could have cut it down to two minutes. Overall nice images and memories.

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    When filming snow it's very obvious when the light changes so when putting shots out of sequence you might want to adjust the white balance in post. I noticed a few shots were the "white" snow doesn't match example the shot at 15 seconds is very blue compared to the shot before and the shot after.

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