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Thread: Love the Hate. Jakob22 feat Speciez

  1. Default Love the Hate. Jakob22 feat Speciez

    Check out the latest video from us
    Tell me what you think

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    Need reviews
    New videos dropping next month

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    I've no idea how to review videos like this. I liked the ending. I can't tell how anything relates to the lyrics as I can't make them out (this is common with most rapped videos - is one meant to be provided with a copy of the lyrics?)
    I thought the shots of the guys rapping were just cliché, but I guess you have to show them like that, all agressively accusing the viewer of something, yes?

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    The performance shots as Tim said are cliché but suitable the other shots seemed as though they were shot in a hurry. Bad framing, blurry bland lighting etc. This is probably why you put the FX on them to try and mask all the errors.

    Cruel to be kind comments are not personal. They are intended to help with your future shoots.

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    Interesting costume and nice variety of shots. Nevertheless nothing that appealed to me personally. Just not my kind of taste.

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