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Thread: Adding a date stamp to a video

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    Default Adding a date stamp to a video

    I have scoured the internet for a ridiculous length of time for something so absolutely simple I am shocked how I still don't have the answer, or people are simply not reading the questions correctly on forums (not these)

    The missus has a Uni project to film Dog training (behaviour degree) but requires the video to be date stamped to prove the dog gets better over time. Our camera didn't have this function, and thought it was incredibly unfair to expect students to pay out for nice shiny new cameras with a date stamp function as many can't afford that.

    Being my usual self I gave advice that adding in a date stamp would be easy. Turns out I was incredibly wrong.

    What I want is really, really, really simple yet all the places I've looked at overcomplicated it.

    I simply want to drag and drop a date onto the bottom right corner of the .avi file videos. I can convert if necessary. I can do this by

    1. Using the data in the file creation.
    2. Just add it in manually on the video editing software.

    I have looked at all forms of free software but it's all watermarked or just virus BS.

    So looked at adobe premiere, sony vegas pro and god knows how many others and none of them have this feature apparently? All the answers I can find go into gobble-dee-guk language about metadata and time stamping/burning using patch hacks etc and how you need to feature request this as it isn't available yet (Yes massively expensive professional video editing can't add a &$^^ing date!!! I mean really!)

    I just want to add a simple edit of a date appearing in the bottom of the video. How video editing software cannot do this is beyond me. I do not need a time stamp, just the date will be fine, doesn't have to be linked to the file or anything. I just need it so that when that file is double clicked and opened, the end result is a video with a date on the screen, no watermarks.

    I then need to use windows movie maker to make a montage of all the days in a quick 10 minute clip.

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    It seems the caption function in movie maker is exactly what I needed.

    Well this has been a good laugh....

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