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Thread: My new video, need some advice with scene and text editing!

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    Default My new video, need some advice with scene and text editing!

    I need some advices to build my video better, please give me some things >.<

    P/s: and vote my video if u like i will try harder next time

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    TBH I haven't watched it all through because it's not really a video, more of a slide show with lyrics added, but the one thing I would mention is @ places like 0:27 - watch out for the title & action safe areas. On the web this really doesn't matter but if someone is playing the YouTube video on a TV the text may get cut off.

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    oh really thank for ur mention, i dont know about that safe areas. i make this video by using my friend's photos, and maybe call a slide show like u said >.<

    i will mention it next time to build more video better, thank u David

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    I liked some of the subtle movements of the text for example using the word closer to push the word step nearer to the other word.

    One thing I thought was that the poses of the girl seemed very similar in a lot of the photos. It might be nice to have more variation or even some relationship with the words on the screen.

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    thank u MB, its the first time i made video. i try to give texts the movements alow the song rhyhim, but i think the animation i made still too normal, so i need some advices to create something better.

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    The only advice I can give you is to look at other examples of videos like this and see what inspiration you can get from them. Then make your own version of it.

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    The titles were very nice

    this is a slide show not a video

    you should try again with some video

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