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Thread: 16:9 not really.

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    Default 16:9 not really.

    I've shot all my film in 16:9. I first started out with Premiere 6.5 everything look great then I upgraded to Pro. Now some of my scenes my characters are fat and stubby, and the ends of my frames are missing footage, it cut off the ends.
    I checked the film its all 16:9 I then check the export of footage and its 16:9 whats going on?

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    It is not recommended to upgrade before finishing a project. I suggest you go back to 6.5 to complete your project.

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    I will just recut the footage. It's all stored stored.
    I'm shooting a full length feature thats reason I dont want to down grade again.

    I would like to thank you in the credits of my film for your guys help.
    Would that be okay?


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