As a musician, video has always been a thing I did when asked to....I don't profess to be either a film-maker or videographer. I'm currently writing a musical which I hope to put on this year and as a promotional tool for that, I want to design a website that has clips of the musical on it.......a 'musical' trailer if you will.

Our current equipment is steeped in the year 2001.....we have 2 Canon XL1 and a Canon XM1. The editing software we use is Pinnacle Liquid 7 using the DV codec.

After seeing some footage shot on a Panasonic HC-X920


and also Al's film shot on a Sony VG-30


and also The Video Whisperer's film shot on a Sony HXR-NX30


I think I need to update the SD format to HD and get with the modern world.

I was wondering about maybe just buying external recorders which might get me into the HD format, but with old cameras (ie. Canon XL1) feel this might be false economy.

Two things I would like from the new camera if that's the way to go is better capability at shooting in poorly lit conditions and also maybe the optical stabilisation as seen on the NX-30. This would save on buying other equipment like steadicams etc.
Any views on these or any other cameras would be most welcome.