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Thread: Blank black screen at certain time on timeline

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    Default Blank black screen at certain time on timeline

    Hi i have a project in after effect which contain of about 40 comp in the main composition the duration of the project is about 2.56.20mins
    on active camera of main composition I can see the project but at 1.18.03mins the screen fade to black and reappear at1.30mins.

    how do I remove this fading black screen effect?

    Idont see any key frame or anything causing this fade. im new to after effect and using a template.

    hope someone can help thanks

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    The chances are you have a keyframe that you just haven't seen yet.

    Select all the comps, hit 'u' to reveal all the parameters that have changed and go looking.

    Alternatively, you could try disabling each layer one at a time, or all of the layers and just enable one layer at a time until you find the offending layer.

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