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Thread: Hello!One of live music video of ukrainian alternative rock band Kompas!

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    Default Hello!One of live music video of ukrainian alternative rock band Kompas!

    Me and my friend used Canon 7D+Tokina 10-17mm 3.5 (fish eye), Canon 600D+Canon 80mm f/1.8,Canon 600D+Sigma 30mm f/1.4 for this video and for sound we used Zoom4Hn recorder)
    It is one video of the all live videos that we did) I want to introduced you this sound and also i want to read some advices for future!
    Me and my friends are new band in videography and we need advices from you for to do best videos next time!
    Also I can give advices for you...

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    Only thing I can suggest is to get a drummer.

    I liked the style you chose to film it in ie nice steady shots no wobble cam. You seemed to frame the shots quite well. Focus is a little off on some of the shots but without a large screen it's often hard to get spot on focus.

    Well done.

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    I don't know the language. I would like subtitles as the band did not appear 'alternative''; so I assume there is some great message in the lyrics.
    At 03:30, the final scene/credits contains a VERY LOUD audio ping. Too loud for me - I prefer not to hear any such jingles; either at the start or the end of a music video.

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    Great video

    the song seems to me to be in the tradition of putting music to a meaningful poem rather than coming up with a catchy tune and slapping words into it

    this video struck me as the 2014 version of this ...

    again this is from my perspective

    wow ok that was a boner - apparently Mosfilm still has a copyright on the video - really? - just look for this link on youtube ...

    what is the world coming to anyway???
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    I didn't like the lens distortion in the wide angle shot.
    Some panning could have been nice.
    More audience shots would have added variety but choose the excited ones some looked rather bored.
    I did not get why you had the shot of the guy at the window.
    Overall nice job.

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