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Thread: Hello! I am from Ukraine and I want to share my videos for everyone!

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    Default Hello! I am from Ukraine and I want to share my videos for everyone!

    This is my latest video that I did!
    Me and my friend used Canon 7D+Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and Canon 600D+Canon 80mm f/1.8 for this video)
    People, who was on video, liked this video but i want to read some advices for future!
    I did many kinds of video,but this is first!

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    I thought it was a good piece generally. Just a couple of small technical things. When you did the cut away to the candles I couldn’t tell which of the candles was supposed to be in focus. The lighting.colour was different at 1:40 to the other shots.

    Apart from these small points it was a good piece.

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