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    I'm looking into investing in a stabiliser for my camera when filming videos and I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on what I should get? At the moment I think a Flycam Junior Steadycam would be my best option so if anyone has experience with that that they'd like to share it'd be greatly appreciated

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    I can't advise, but one thing I do know is you need to get one appropriate for the size/weight of your camera, so it might be useful to post details of that (and anything else on the "rig") that you want to mount.

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    I have to agree with Tim, if we don't know the weight of your camera we can't advise you. Glidecam has 2x3 types of stabilisers for DSLRs or handheld cameras (from 2 to 10 lbs). Steadicam's Merlin can be used from handycams up to approx 6-7 lbs. Mezdon's HDSLR-4 has an even wider load range (1 to 10 lbs). The Glidecam and stabilisers from China or India are so heavy that without arm and west you can usually only work for a few minutes with these. One thing's for sure, don't buy a stabiliser if in the sample videos there are only a few seconds between cuts.

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    What a cool video!!!Just look at it...I loved it....

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    I purchased the Glidecam HD2000. If you're using a DSLR with a wide angle lens, then it's perfect. A very nice piece of equipment, I'm pleased with it. As mentioned, wrist fatigue is problematic with these rigs so the arm brace is highly recommended to enable more gliding time.


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