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    I recently went on a school trip to Berlin and recorded what you could get up to in the City. I'm looking for any advice on how I could've made this trailer better as it's my first time editing a video like this. I'm new to the whole website and this branch of editing so any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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    Too dark - film on bright sunny days - or add lighting - or a reflector - or use a camera that works in low light

    The music was oppressive - try Euro Trance for Berlin - or maybe something Industrial

    Let some ambient noise seep in here and there - that's the secret sauce

    Really? That's all you could "get up to" in BERLIN??? Invite me on your school trip next time
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    Thanks for the feedback The darkness was the result of the CC I added as the videos I recorded were fine lighting wise so I'll tweak it around next time... I was very cautious about sound is the video so I decided not to risk it with noise and just use a typical song that's used in trailers, and there was only so much footage I could put in the video haha

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    The whole footage was quite shaky and you should avoid back and forth pans like you had for the Brandenburger Tor.

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    Not bad but...

    I think that the music was completely wrong for this "trailer" Sorry. Also you've got to lighten up the footage, the shadow areas were wa-ay too dark.

    Try it with something like the music from... from about the 55 second mark.

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    I guess you're trying to give a flavour or a taste of your Berlin trip rather than tell us what its all about (after all that's what trailers are for, right?). That's why we only got barely a glimpse of anything before the camera/shot moved on - a sort of teaser.

    The problem for me was that for the various reasons mentioned above (lighting, panning back and forth) I didn't feel that you really were teasing - it felt like those all are the shots you had. Rather than "Here's the Brandenburg Gate (or Freddie, or some German food) and I'm promising you an opportunity to see it in more detail" it felt like "And we passed something, Oh was that the Brandenburg gate? better do a quick pan to get the whole scene, in time to move on". It very much felt like you just now an then grabbed your phone and pointed it in the general direction of something rather than thought about what you were trying to do - ie take a shot of something that, together with other shots, will tell a great story that you can remembers and that the folks back home might be interested in.

    So, my advice would be, start with some good footage (learn to hold the camera steady when there is movement in the frame and where there isn't learn to move the camera very slowly)

    There are plenty of very good montage sequences, where we only see a "tease" of this or that, but study them carefully and you'll see they all start with good shots. One test that is often applied is to watch the shots without any audio.

    Grading and music will not improve something that starts poorly. But they will enhance something that is already good.

    But no-one expects you to be able to know all this when you attempt your first edit. There are people I know who've been editing for 30 years who still don't get these fundamentals, so you're already ahead of the game. Keep at it. Editing is a very rewarding way to pass the time. Many of the great directors have said that editing is the true creative art of film making and filming is "merely" the preparation of the materials.

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    Actually Tim's point is more important than the technical problems with your audio and video

    if the video is a trailer it is supposed to make us feel like we want to see more - Berlin is probably the most amazing place on earth and if I didn't know better I wouldn't want to go after watching your video

    why not think about the things you really enjoyed - even if it wasn't the Brandenburg gate - but the things you experienced that made you realize there was something infinitely better than the daily grind in (enter name of your home town here) - tell us about that in your video

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