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Thread: Movie Compilation - Part 2 - ACTIO

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    Default Movie Compilation - Part 2 - ACTIO

    My second video. I'd like some feedback, please. Just an amateur here :]

    Hope you enjoy it.
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    Oh for goodness sake!

    This is a forum for filmmakers. There's nothing against a bit of creative re-use, but simply editing together other people's footage is not what this forum is all about. We are trying to encourage and offer advice to people making films from scratch. When you do this, please come back and post it.

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    My two cents - don't be too intimidated by the quality of the videos on this site - we all had to start somewhere - you don't need to buy the latest camera just to fit in - one or two people on the forum actually make their movies using their phone - and quite often with great success

    In some exceptional cases a movie made using other people's footage is ok - for example midnight blue made some nice videos about Africa because a charity asked him to make some videos using what they had shot - plus he is deathly afraid of lions and wouldn't go himself

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