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Thread: Audio import problems with After Effects 6.5

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    Default Audio import problems with After Effects 6.5

    Hi, Im using After Effects 6.5 on PC with Windows XP. Ive noticed that for some mysterious reason, it's impossible to import wav, and even aiff audio files to my project. It appears in a project window and it is possible to listen to it, individually, in a project window. But when i place it in a timeline, the sound is not really imported and appear to be empty. No wave forms are displayed and no sound in any kind of preview. The original sound was created with a sound editor WaveLab which I'm familiar with. I tried several format conversions. The only one that works is a wma, windows media audio, a microsoft compressed audio format. This the only that i can work with audio for the moment, but this is not the real solution as I wish working with non compressed audio.
    It's not a problem of sampling rate, nor sound card either.
    Any suggestions???

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    Default audio in AFX

    If i were you i wouldn't worry too much. After Effects is shit with sound. It really does not like it at all. Use the wma as a gude and cue track but when you render it off dont bother with the sound. Bring it back to your edit package and reapply the sound there.

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    Hello to both you guys. Interesting point, this. I've always thought AE doesn't like audio, and dubbing back sound in premiere is the only way I've ever been able to use it.

    Adobe don't give much info on this, I suppose they'd argue that AE is a compositing tool first and last. Seems they leave the user to find these things out from experience.

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    Default afx

    yeah fo shizzle
    After Effects was not designed to handle audio. - It lets you bring audio soley to cue it up.

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    Ok, thank you all; should care more about our work, than a program its self!!!

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