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Thread: Advice and help required - file types, format converting and importing FCX

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    Default Advice and help required - file types, format converting and importing FCX

    Hi guys,

    I'm editing a friends wedding video (I did not shoot the footage) and have been having problems with a few things. Before I start, I'm using FCX on an iMac.

    Right, the wedding was shot on 2 cameras so I have 2 different types of files i'm working with. MP4 (I think) and something called 'AVCHD', I've never head of this before so it's very alien to me and I can't understand why something so simple such as importing video files is becoming such an annoyance! The logo is teh quicktime logo. When I double click a window opens up which shows all the individual video files, all of which are only playable via this window. I can't drag and drop them into FCX and when i go to import them via FCX the logo is greyed out. Please can someone shed some light on this? Although I have edited before, I'm only a beginner so please be patient if I don't understand your reply.

    Another thing was this, am I completely stupid or does FCX not support MP4 files?????? When they're imported all I get is a green screen. I've began converting a bunch of the files to MOV which seem to import but I have several hours of footage here and it's 'taking 10 minutes to convert a 30 second clip. It's ridiculous. Any short cuts???

    Hope to hear from you all soon!!! Cheers!!

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    I use FCPX all the time, so hopefully I can help, though I may need a little more detail on what you're doing to know what's wrong.

    Firstly, how are you importing the files? You're not supposed to drag the files from the finder, you need to use the import dialog within FCPX.

    FCPX imports and uses both MP4 and AVCHD with no problems.

    What version of FCPX are you using, since a couple of things changed in the last version or two?

    Once you have your Library & Event created, select the event then click the import button. The import dialog appears and you can navigate to where your footage is. At this point you can scrub through the files and set in/out points for import (only applies to some footage types) and then import the file. If you select multiple files at the same time it will import them all.

    Once you have them in your event you can add them to products and start editing.

    Depending on how old/slow you machine is you may want to create and edit using proxies (a major strength of FCPX) and then switch back to full res for colour grading and export.

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    Hi David,

    Thanks for the reply. First off, the version is 10.0 and my machine is only a few months old with the following specs 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 and 8GB 1600 Mhz. I'm not sure if that's adequate enough to edit these files but should i notice it slowing down then I will research your proxies suggestion

    I only tried dragging as it wouldn't allow me to import in the normal way (which I assume is FILE > IMPORT > FILES.. ??? ) The screenshot attached is what i get when i'm trying to import the AVCHD file.

    What could be the reason why when I import the MP4 files all i get is a green screen, no audio, nothing :/
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    Before we go any further, go get the latest version. 10.0 is so old it's hard to give any advice on. Just about everyone else in the world is on 10.1.1 right now and you should be able to update all the way to 10.1.1 for free using the App store. Once you've done that we're on a level playing field and I can be much more helpful.

    If you're not on Mavericks then it may only let you go to 10.0.9, but even then it's the same import process, just a slightly different Library-->Event-->Project structure.

    The import files dialog should see all the AVCHD files as clips not the folder structure you are seeing. Perhaps that's why you're having trouble importing and I can't recall how 10.0 handled this since it's almost 3 years ago!

    Once you've updated as far as you can (10.0.9 or 10.1.1) then come back and let me know what you see.

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    BTW - your machine specs should play this stuff fine.

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