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    I have been making photo and video montages for some years,using just my Sony ixus950 digital camera with a lot of success. My problem comes now I have a video camera. This and other clips from my family's iphones are much harder to work with. I use ulead video studio which works fine with everything from my camera. These new mp4 files are so large my PC crashes. I can just about use them if I exclude all sound from the clips. If I had had this much trouble when I started making these DVDs I would probably not have bothered. I have downloaded a video converter but I still find these files a problem.
    Any advice appreciated
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    From what you have described it sounds like your PC is perhaps a little old and tiered. This is the reason you are having trouble dealing with High Definition footage from your new camera. You could down scale the footage to standard definition which should be easier to work with but you will loose some image quality doing this.

    It's up to you to decide which way to go with this.

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