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    So why are they going for so little on eBay? About a half to two-thirds the price of the HMC151 which is AVCHD as opposed to the DVCPro codec that the HVX uses.
    You've had one for a few years, Midnight. What's the catch? Why are they unpopular - is P2 dead?

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    The cost of the media put me off the HVX range a few years ago which is why we have the HMC151s for a while (all sold long ago), and since the cost of media hasn't exactly gone away I suspect that has a big effect on what people are willing to pay.

    The biggest problems with both these cams is lack of resolution (they were barely more than 720p really) and poor low light capabilities by today's standards.

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    The HVX200 is the for runner to the HVX201 which is the one I have. Some people get them mixed up.

    Here is a comparison of the HVX200 and the HMC150.

    I do think P2 has developed more into a "Pro" format and SD cards into the "consumer" market due to the cost. They have redused the cost of P2 and even brought out a "micro" P2 card which is about the same cost as a really good SD card. You can't use these in a HVX. I bought a used 64G P2 card for 200 from Ebay so the market has sorted it's self out as it was probably 10x that cost new. In all my years of using this camera it has never dropped even one frame. That's how good P2 cards usually are, I know SD cards are more reliable these days but I'm happy with what I've got.

    I agree with Dave about the poor low like capability.

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