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Thread: Dan Bettridge // Darker Days Music Video

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    Default Dan Bettridge // Darker Days Music Video

    Filmed on a Sony FS700 in the pouring rain :(

    Although the piano warmed us up

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    I would say it was worth every second of suffering in the rain.

    Great job.

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    This is excellent work. Well done you.
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    Great footage

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    Thanks all!

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    Excellent video but in canada you would be arrested for exposing an fs700 to bad weather

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    Did you create the shot of him sat at a burning piano using the perspective advantage of a long lens ?

    I've viewed it a couple of times and that's the only thing I could thing of. I just doesn't look like a green screen or rotascope etc.

    I really think you did a great job with this and I really like the song as well.

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    Yes that's correct - When it was in full flame the singer was sat about 7 feet away - All forced perspective stuff

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