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Thread: Video doesn't display after purchase of new laptop with Windows 8

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    Default Video doesn't display after purchase of new laptop with Windows 8

    I have a Panasonic SDR-H86 camera which I like to use in conjunction with Pinnacle Studio 12 editing software. I've never had a problem with these up till now - the Panasonic comes with its own software (VideoCam Suite 3.0) which I use for capturing the video from the camera, and I then use Pinnacle to edit the footage.
    My previous laptop was running Windows 7 and everything worked perfectly. After the laptop took a tumble and broke, I bought a new machine which has Windows 8 on it. I managed to install the VideoCam Suite and Pinnacle with no apparent problem, but when I try to use it I cannot see any video footage (although I can hear the audio track). I tried installing video codecs for Windows 8 from an internet site, but this did not make any difference (in fact all it did was install a load of malware on my computer along with it!) I'm desperate to get the video up and running again, so I'm hoping someone expert on here can help point me in the right direction! Thanks!

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    It does sound like a codec issue BUT the spec. on your camera says it shoots in h.264 which is a straight forward codec these days. I would check that you have the codec installed using a program called Gspot. I don't know if Gspot will work on a Windows 8 system as I use Windows 7.

    Sorry if this isn't useful.

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    Thanks for your reply Midnight Blue. I downloaded GSpot (it works fine in Windows 8 by the way), but it told me codecs are installed for the video files I'm working with. I also downloaded the VLC player, and the video plays perfectly (I can see the picture AND hear the audio), however, this doesn't help me much because I still cannot edit the video. I tried Panasonic's own video editor in the VideoCam suite which came with the camera, Pinnacle12, and Windows Movie Maker, and in none of these could I see the video (I could only hear the audio). Extremely frustrating!
    Any other suggestions would be warmly welcomed!

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    The only other thing I can think of is some sort of 64bit/32bit incompatibility but I'm shooting in the doark so can't really help with this. I stopped using Pinnacel some yars ago and I'm glad I did.

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    I've searched on the Pinnacle site and there's no suggestion that v12 is compatible with WIndows 8.

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    Managed to find a workaround. I think the problem must have been with the Panasonic VideoCam Suite. I connected the camera to the computer with the USB cable but instead of using the capture routine in VideoCam Suite I accessed the camera's HDD in Explorer and copied the video files onto my local drive. They were .MOD files, so I used a program called Prism File Converter (downloaded for free from the internet) to convert the files to MPEG files. I then found I could open the files in Pinnacle and edit them as I wanted. So, a rather convoluted route to success, but at least I got it to work in the end.

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