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    Hey guys,

    I just started to do some video editing again, but i have an issue and no idea what's going on there.
    I just made a After Effects Project and animated the spectrum of a song I made, so nothing ultra complex, just some particles and this stuff. It is almost 5 minutes long and 720p. First I wanted to export lossless to later apply a codec in Premiere but i had to render over 10 hours! So i tried to render on low quality settings, but still the same. The only thing what has improved this was to shrink the resolution. But still much too long. It was about 3 seconds for at least one frame (of 9000).
    I tried a lot including disc cache settings, multi processoring etc.

    My machine is a Macbook Pro Early 2011, quad core i5, 8 gigs of RAM and an SSD AND onboard INTEL3000 graphics. Of course I cannot expect a super fast rendering but compared to my four years old windows desktop pc it defenitely is muuch slower.

    Right now im rendering with dynamic link via Premiere directly out of the AE project because it is a bit faster, but still 8 hours. (The file will be only 64 Mbs :O).

    Are there any suggestions? I have no idea how to fix this. I can't believe it's just the bad hardware.

    Thanks a lot for reading this long text.

    Best regards,

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    Maybe it's just me, but I find dynamic linking an after effects project and rendering out in Premiere slower. I would render out to Quicktime Uncompressed format, then use something like MPEG_STREAMCLIP to compress it afterwards. A 5 minute video with your machine shouldn't surely take 10 hours (unless you have it loaded with crap and never clean it), but you may find rendering an AE project easier in just AE. Also, MPEG_STREAMCLIP is free and very powerful, worth getting and using IMO.

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    Ok thanks a lot for your answer! Yeah I found that in my case it's definitely not slower to render it out via dynamic link - strange... So there could be something wrong with the machine? Could you assume how long it should take approximately? Of course it depends a lot of the composition and effects and so on, but what would be a value I could comply with? I also have bootcamp with windows on the ssd and when I ran a Cinebench from Maxon (you probably know it?), it got me an error on the OPENGL test and CPU threw out a 156 cp.

    Thanks anyway.

    Best regards,

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    I don't actually don't know Cinebench, and again like you said, it really depends on the effects used. No so much the size of them, though that will have a slight affect on the render speed, but more about how RAM heavy the effects are. So I can't give an estimate on how fast you should be able to render, but have you tried using Quicktime Uncompressed 4:2:2 out of AE? You may actually find it's faster and still retains all of its data and visual quality. Even out of Premiere, at the top left of the Render window there is a button that says: Match Sequence Settings. Check that off and Use Maximum Render Quality on the bottom of the window and then if you have Adobe Encoder, then hit Queue at the bottom and it'll go to Encoder. That should render much faster than compressing it in program and then use the MPEG_STREAMCLIP I mentioned earlier to compress it. Good luck!

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    Okay, tank you very much!
    I will try this

    Best regards,

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