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Thread: Sony Camera connect to PC?

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    Default Sony Camera connect to PC?

    I have a sony DCR-PC1000 and DCR- PC100. My question is when I capture video from both It comes out in a "poor /less than perfect quality" on my computer. Why is this? Is there another mothod of ripping? Also I was wondering if there was a cable I could purchase to stream the camera feed to my desktop.... I was able to stream the video from my camera to my sony laptop but my desktop doesnt have the special port nor does it have the software

    -What other programs / methods are there to strip the highest possible feed from the cam corder- Treat this question as if I had no software

    -What cable can I purchase, that will allow me to connect my camera to my desktop via usb 2 or fire wire (NOT NOT A SONY DESKTOP)

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    Hello, I just joined up. I have a Sony Hi8 camera, model number is CCD-TRV608. I was wondering what I need to do to transfer this to my computer. I have a pretty fast CPU processor (2.3 gigahertz) but no graphics card (GPU).

    I was looking online, and I couldn't tell by reading all that conflicting information... I have an a/v out, rfu dc out, and S-video out on my camera. I keep hearing about doing a/v to d/v and that you have to have these a/v in ports on your computer (I don't know where to buy those).

    It would be really nice if I can somehow hook up S-video to USB (or do I need this "firewire", can someone tell me what firewire is?"

    I have video capturing software (nero 6). I also have premiere 6.5 I am experienced in premiere 6.5, I used it at school (film student here), but they had all this fancy equipment...and i'm just looking for a quick solution.

    thanks to all who reply.

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