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Thread: Filming in Dark

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    Question Filming in Dark

    Hey guys,

    I found a abandoned warehouse perfect to shot most of the scenes of the horror short movie I'm writting at the moment, but since it's an abandoned place we have no electricity to plug our lights, and since its an horror movie, we need to shot it at night.

    Its a closed building, with broken windows, so all the lightning it gets is from a few street lights in its front.
    Since its one of my very first recordings, and an amatour 0 budget shotting, do you think we can get a reasonable shot with a 50mm F1.4 Lens on a Canon 600d and a few flashlights like this one: ?

    Thanks a lot, waiting for reply

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    I would say... Yeah.

    For a horror movie, a bit of thought and lateral thinking and I think it could look very good. Certainly the sensor is up to it (according to the specs, never actually used a 600d myself).

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    I used a big torch on a shhot once to illuminate inside a car while driving. I didn't want it so directional so I put grease proof paper over it to diffuse the light. It may be not the most professional set up but it worked for me.

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    Film Riot recently published a video about how to light the dark:

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