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Thread: Is this legit?

  1. Default Is this legit?

    This deal seems too good to be true, or am I just being paranoid??...quite a few of these online sites have deals like this, can they be trusted?

    Most sites like Jessops, Wex etc offer the camera with a 18-55 IS STM lens for around 950, thats why this offer seems strange.

    Where would you recomend buying from?



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    There are lots of web sites around doing grey imports and while some are reliable, others are scams.

    I don't have any personal experience of SLRHut. I googled SLRHUT reviews and some were positive, others were not.

    I tend to look at WexPhoto, Amazon and even DigitalRev. If prices are significantly lower than DigitalRev (who I have bought from in the past no problems) then I do start to suspect something dodgy.

    Note that when you buy grey market imports then Canon UK will not serve them under warranty. DigitalRev do have their own warranty service agents in this country. Do SLRHut?

    This is DigitalRev's offer of the same unit:

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    Yes, it looks legit. to me and I wish I'd seen them before Christmas could have saved 200.

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    The one thing that always stands out to me is this:

    • It's a site and it says IN STOCK

    Then when you continue reading.....

    • Shipping from 14.95 (7-10 working days)

    Now, if it were in stock in the UK it wouldn't be taking 7-10 days for delivery - you could put it on the back of a Donkey and walk it there quicker than that - so the claim it's in stock is probably a misleading one and it's actually being imported to order.

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    hahaha, back of a donkey!!!....i like it!

    Yes im concerned that it wont have a UK warranty and if you street view the address its a mailbox company!

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    It's cheaper than buying from Currys. But not so much cheaper that I am thinking 'wow.' The first thing I would do is get rid of the lens which is slooowwwwww...

    If it were my money, I'd do it.
    "80% of success is turning up" - Woody Allen

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